Chongqing huaqi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is engaged in the research, development and production of strontium salt production series and other mineral fine chemicals.

We have a perfect company structure, good management and strong technology power, advanced production technics. Relying on the local strontium ore resource of Tongliang County, where our company is located in, we produce various types of high quality mineral fine chemicals to meet customers' requirements. Up to now, our products mainly consist of following: strontium salt products, barium salt products, manganous products and sodium salt products, totally four series including more than 20 types.

Our management philosophy is "The customer is our god!". We are exerting our efforts in the product majorization in order to satisfy our customers. Our products are popular in China, also sold to North America, East Asia and South Asia, Europe. We have won high praise for our high product quality and perfect sales service. We will continue our efforts to serve customers best for customers' satisfaction.

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